Page orientation & reading direction

Page orientation in portrait and landscape format

We specify the available dimensions of each product only once in our online shop. Irrespective of that, you can, unless specified otherwise, design your print files in portrait or landscape format. Submit all the pages in your print file in the same orientation. A mix of portrait and landscape format is not possible.

Orienting front and reverse sides

When designing print files for products which will be printed and/or folded on both sides, it is important to orient the pages correctly. If pages are not oriented correctly, this may lead to pages being e.g. upside down after printing. Observe the reading direction and fold of your print products.

Duplex print products

Product examples: flyers, posters, business cards, tickets

Four-sided print products

Product examples: folded cards, folders, folded menus

Multi-sided print products

Product example: folded leaflets