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Single-sided colour print (4/0) back blank

Material: 230 gsm GD2 board

Rectangular shape or contour cut

Contour cut is performed using the most modern CNC technology, the contour will be individually adapted to your motif (example look at datasheet)

Please be sure to also provide us with a preview file which is used to show whether you would like your display only trimmed to a rectangular shape or die-cut to match the outline of the printed motif. As a result, you need to upload a low-resolution preview file and a high-resolution file for printing.

No clipping path will be required for the contour - we will help you clip your figure

With back support (not printed, glued to the front board, foldable)

Packing individually or in bulk (as desired)


Data format: 75.00 x 175.00 cm

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Production times

The production times listed apply – unless otherwise indicated upon receipt of your complete order (including printing data and payment) on working days before .

Stand-up 7-9 working days  

The delivery time depends on the production and shipping times. Working days are Monday through Friday, NOT Saturday, Sunday and public holidays.

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Individual Package

Production time

€ 209,96 net
€ 249,85

Total price

Stand-up displays, 75.0 x 175.0 cm


230 gsm GD2 board



Data check:

without datacheck

Individual Package:


Production time:

7-9 working days

Sum (net)

€ 209,96

19% German VAT

€ 39,89

€ 0,00

Total price
incl. 19% German VAT

€ 249,85

Shipment: approx. 1 to 5 working days, free standard shipping

Delivery approximately:

shipment by freight forwarder (depending on payment and print data receipt)

Total weight:
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